Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adriaan-on-tour to expand directions

Until now, from the beginning of my blog, which started in February of 2009, I have been focused on the external aspects of my life, particularly my trip to Africa and my ongoing, abiding interests and concerns re: poverty, religion, marginalization and HIV/AIDS, to name several.

I have come to a point where I wish to add to the focus somewhat by adding some internal perspective to the previously predominant external perspectives. I am aware of changes happening to me/in me, as I continue to grow and absorb some of the (more subtle) influences in my life like the long term effects of my travels and the results of long term personal inner work and contemplation that I try to conduct on a daily basis.

I will write about some of those changes and influences that inspire me, such as the change in the expression of my great anger – which you have been exposed to on many topics in my blog – some of which I see as rightful anger and some of which is just lashing out on my part – toxic and addictive. The discussion will be expanded to include the (subtle) changes in my approach to life, by my interpretation, of course; and will include my ruminations about what I think is happening in the inner me. I will also share some dialogues that I am having with others, such as one with an American Ivy League academic about our disparate views on gun control; topics that I think are worthy or interesting enough to record and share with those of you who care to read about them.

As always, this is my personal record – and I welcome your comments if you are inspired to make any.

So Adriaan-on-tour will continue, but the tour dimensions and journeys discussed will shift to include another realm, a realm that is different, but no less real that the one explored up to now.


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