Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reiki and the Roman Catholic Church - my response

Whether or not you accept Reiki as a viable, beneficial practice, is not the point in what I say here. The point is that the position that the Roman Catholic Church [RCC] has taken is based on misinformation and put forward as dogma. As well, this action deprives many of comfort and possible healing at some level.

I think it is prudent to answer the RCC statement on Reiki as was done by The International Center for Reiki Training without challenge and aggression as in the reply appearing in the previous post. The RCC is a big organization and carries a lot of influence even though its credibility is being severely stretched by its egregious statements and behaviour.

I think it is time to point out a few things and to stop pussy footing around just because the RCC is what it is. If the the RCC bishops had done their homework and research on Reiki, its origins and proven scientific benefits, they might not have made such a statement. As I show below, the RCC goes directly against scientific proof and knowledge when it chooses to.

There is no logic in their thinking on Reiki or they would ban all medical procedures and therapeutic processes that were originated by a non RCC believer. Yet, such processes and procedures are used widely without thought as to the procedure’s origins. They are also inconsistent as they do not target Therapeutic Touch which is secular in origin but also based somewhat on energy transfer concepts

In the world of HIV prevention, the pope most recently made his second statement that I am aware of, about condom use on his March, 2009, second visit to Africa. He again stated categorically that condoms do not work and allow the HIV virus to pass though the latex. I recently read a published blog ( letter from an 18 year high school student in the USA who alleged that she was taught the same thing in her USA RCC highschool and asked advice on how to handle this when it was clearly in opposition to oft verified science.

The RCC would rather maintain ”purity” of doctrine on contraception which as far as I know is not commanded anywhere in the Bible, instead of listening to the direct injunctions to aid the poor and the suffering. By this attempt at “doctrinal purity” it condemns people to death. In my direct and forthright world, willfully stating that while knowing death and suffering is the result is considered evil, and with the pope s level of worldwide influence, it is even more so. This issue on Reiki is another instance illustrating that the RCC will do what it wishes.

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