Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009; Frankfurt and home

Happily, the 40 hour trip is all uneventful, the best way for air travel to be. The most exciting things that happened are that 1] I got an empty seat next to me from Johannesburg to Frankfurt; 2] the two other guys sharing the row of four seats with me, were both Polish, had never met before and behaved like long lost brothers, talking non-stop for hours. Happily, they did stop in order to sleep for some hours; 3] the woman I am sitting next to in the Frankfurt airport waiting area for my last flight, smells of moth balls; 4] the Frankfurt airport seems efficient but it is not attractive to my eye; 5] the Lufthansa flight that takes me to Vancouver, is my first experience of a double-decker aircraft, with this one having a bank of five toilets in the aircraft basement; 6] as I have a window seat on this last 10 hour flight home, I manage to get up only three times so not to disturb my perpetually sleeping seatmate.

I am home by 4 pm, and stay busy unpacking and going out to buy some fresh food stuffs. My lower lip has swollen to more than twice its normal size with fever blisters the size of quarters so that I look like a Botox Betty, or Angelina as one friend kindly offers. I think they were caused by the water in Zambia which I thoughtlessly started to brush my teeth with. The swelling started within a few hours after that. Needless to say, I did not get near that brown, turgid tap water again – sticking with bottled water and contributing to the ‘plasticfication’ of the planet but staying alive. I try to stay up in order to get back to Pacific Daylight Saving Time but crash out on the sofa at 8 pm and then struggle into my bed at 9:30 pm. My bed feels so-o-o-o good!

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